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winbe english school

illegal firing
business practices

violence at winbe

there is a culture of violence at winbe that is influenced by the general atmosphere at tact: do as i say or i'll beat you up. largely because of this problem there is a teachers union available to represent victims of violence at both winbe and tact.

there are several known incidences of violence at tact. it is common knowledge within the company that the president is a violent man, capable of attacking his employees in fits of rage. in fact, workers at tact are so aware of this that they know the president always leads with his left, whether he be punching or kicking. he has been known to threaten employees in meetings, thumps tables and kicks desks in frustration, and uses a general campaign of terror to scare workers into compliance. one employee lost some hearing in one ear after a particularly vicious attack after an end of year party.

despite his miniscule stature, head of winbe matsuo kotaro is also capable of violence. he carried out an unprovoked and lasting physical attack on a foreign worker at a meeting of all teachers. unable to provide an explanation for his actions, the company instead chose to issue an apology to the worker and limit matsuo's contact with foreign personnel. it can only be surmised that matsuo, frustrated in his job and possibly under threat of abuse himself, lost all semblance of self control and attacked the most convenient target. fortunately for him, the worker chose not to retaliate.

as long as violence is considered acceptable at tact, it will be considered acceptable within winbe. currently, the risk of being assaulted at this company is very real.

the truth about winbe