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winbe english school

illegal firing
business practices

suicide at winbe

this is the sad case of a manager harassed to death. winbe managers are subjected not just to physical violence, but regular abusive phone calls intended to motivate them to increase student numbers. in addition to visits by supervisors, schools my be paid visits by head office thugs whose job it is to bully the manager into submission. in these phone calls and visits, the manager is made to take the blame for all the failings of the school. some managers are lazy and need to be disciplined. other managers are working against the current to make a successful school in a dismal location with few if any tools to help them. this case is about one of the latter managers.

the president's policy of opening cram schools away from train stations occasionally strikes gold. this justifies the policy in his mind despite many other schools closing down within months of opening. winbe is based on a design for schools next to the station. it is therefore unsurprising that no winbe located away from a station has ever been remotely successful. the manager in question ran one of those schools, about twenty minutes' drive from the station. a previous manager had resigned because the school was untenable, yet the company decided not to close it down despite the monthly losses. this is no doubt because the school provided an example to show to potential franchise owners. closing it down might have lost tact several new sales. despite working hard and running the school well in difficult circumstances, this manager got a visit from the winbe head office thugs, two ex managers who got their start at tact in schools next to stations. he was subjected to an especially virulent attack and spent the next week in a near state of shock.

finally he decided he had no choice but to go to head office and explain the situation directly. he flew to tokyo and booked a hotel room. he never made it out to the luxury office in chiba. the next morning he was found dead of an overdose in his hotel room.

the company's reaction to this was instructive. after the news broke there was a shut down.  senior employees announced the offical company policy: death by natural causes, but just between you and me, the thugs have been reprimanded. whatever form this reprimand took, it never took the spring out of their step or a yen out of their pay packets. the final blow was the president's blatant disresepect of the manager's family by not attending his funeral.

rip. you were a good man.

the truth about winbe