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winbe english school

illegal firing
business practices

rape at winbe

there are two known incidences of rape at winbe. the first involved a school owner and a female teacher. the second involved a head office manager and a female trainee. neither case was reported to police.

the owner in the first case was known by senior members of tact to be sexually harassing female staff members. according to the tact philosophy franchise owners are unassailable, so there was no plan to curb this man's activities or protect future victims. the female teacher in question was married and chose not to pursue legal action. she disclosed details of ongoing sexual harassment at the owners hands to a member of head office in a private meeting. according to her, the harassment ended in rape. soon after this disclosure, the head office member was called into a meeting with senior company members and asked if he had any information on strange events that might have occurred at this school, such as sexual harassment. there was no surprise when the story was recounted. the teacher left the company and the owner requested, and was given, a new female teacher.

in the second case, a trainee was allegedly raped by a member of head office staff who was staying in the trainees' dormitory at the time. the head of winbe at the time responded by harshly questioning the victim about her claims and incurring the wrath of her father, a commander in the us navy. in this case, mostly due to the insistance of the father and partly to compensate for the victim's harsh treatment after the crime, a small compensation was paid. the father, a man with service experience in japan, chose not to prosecute due to a lack of faith in the japanese criminal justice system. the rape was so violent that the victim required hospital treatment for internal damage.

the truth about winbe