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winbe english school

illegal firing
business practices

illegal firing at winbe

there have been numerous examples of illegal firing at winbe. the usual practice is to remove a teacher from a school at a few days' notice, then give them the ultimatum of either resigning, being relocated to an undisclosed location, or becoming a cover teacher. many teachers choose to resign thinking they have no other option. being relocated means having to start all over again in a location that may be hundreds of miles from your friends and family. this threat is made especially strong when the teacher is settled in an area with his family. with the initial issue unresolved, it is unlikely that the teacher will have any more chance of success in a new school than he did in his old one. cover teachers are walking ghosts, waiting out their contracts and being sent round to schools that other teachers have refused to go to. all this is accompanied by hints of pay cuts and the threat of not extending the teacher's contract. it's a humiliating experience.

one teacher got fired for questioning a change in the schedule. another teacher was fired for objecting to phone calls and text messages to his mobile phone at all hours of the day and night in a deliberate harassment campaign by the head of winbe matsuo. coincidentally, both teachers were members of the union. a teacher was fired because he found underpants in his classroom obviously left by a small child. numerous teachers have been sacked during the training session for being too old. there are also many cases of managers and floor managers pushing teachers out because of personal differences.

there is an easy way to fire someone from a company, sanctioned by law. in fact this is the system outlined in the winbe regulations. if a worker breaks the rules or displays incompetence, give them a warning. if they repeat the behaviour, give them another warning and retrain them. if they do it again, retrain them and explain this is their last chance while giving them their final warning. the next time they offend you can fire them. sadly, winbe chooses to ignore its own regulations and instead engages in a series of personal vendettas that are typically unrelated to performance or productivity. this leads to acrimonious battles and confusion on the part of both teachers, managers and students. the energy that is currently focused on fabricating evidence against capable teachers who have somehow rubbed a manager up the wrong way could be spent on thinking of ways to increase student numbers, for a start. that winbe is not doing this is reflected in the fact that every single winbe shcool is in the red.

the truth about winbe